Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am blessed…yet I have a hard time smiling about it. It seems that everything wonderful has some dark side to it. The cliché “every rose has its thorn”, in all the paraphrasal nonsense that it presents, is the echo of my emotions.

Finding happiness and having my delicate triangle interrupted by another form of happiness is making everything seem like too much good is a bad thing.

My career is rewarding, social, important and exciting. Everyone my age that dreams of getting into the political world would fight for my job. Golden opportunities abound. I love my career and value it. It is just that during this time of year it is also so demanding that it keeps me second guessing when I can find time for the most important thing in my world; love.

The demands keep me here and yet his arms are calling out for me to run to him. I feel chained against a concrete wall just out of reach from the precious cup of life-saving water. I need him to be here and I need to be there with him. I want to break the chains on my desk preventing me from satisfying the burning desire to kiss him again.

This distance…is killing me.

I would give up my position, money, status, life…just to be his forever.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Someone lied when they told these two women that they had talent...

You "ARE" a circus. That's the only reason people still follow you.

Yeah, the only thing you "put a ring on" is within my ear drums.

Seriously folks...if we stop buying their albums...they might go away.