Monday, March 31, 2008

Amazingly Mine

I don't have much time today to sit and compose over my keyboard. I can't even think straight to be perfectly honest. I have so much work to do and yet my distractions and daydreams are winning the battle. I can't stop thinking about him. He's totally and utterly...

I can't catch my breath and my heart is pounding in time with the nervous tingles I have everytime I realize that he is indeed...Mine.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Office Space

I fight with this crappy piece of machinery daily.
Today is no different from yesterday or heck...ALL LAST YEAR!

Die, Die, Die...
I hate you eff'n copy machine!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Arizona Arrival

I think he likes his new home here in Oregon. He has a room with a floor to ceiling window over looking green grass and playful squirrels. The orange carpet reminds him of the scorching desert so he’ll never get homesick. An overgrown ficus tree has replaced the prickly cacti. Scorpie (my precious new plush scorpion) has made the long journey from Arizona to Oregon and is now the Guardian of my office in the capitol. He gazes lovingly over the top of my mouse and keyboard as I type this. He reminds me of my Arizona sweetheart.

My package came yesterday…sent over 1,290 miles and full of wondrous surprises. I could barely contain my excitement as I checked the online tracker showing that it had indeed arrived at my door. I had six hours left in the work day before I could make the commute home and reveal the mystery behind those cardboard walls. As soon as five’ o’clock came I rushed out of the capitol and to my car. My fingers were tingling in excitement as I turned the key in the ignition. I chattered on the phone to the sweet, sweet sender as I drove home.

Anticipation overwhelmed me as I raced inside my house. I held the package in my hands and admired the precious hand sketched and colored panda bear on the box. My heart felt a wave of warmth when I looked over the address and saw our names written in his handwriting.

As if giving a play by play to him over the phone I began to cut away the super enforced packing tape holding together the folds of cardboard. Freeing one end I carefully poured the contents of baby pink tissue paper and ziploc bags from inside onto my bed.

My “school-girl-giggles” echoed in my bedroom as I open the packages to reveal a printed copies of stories we intend to read together, 27-exposure camera; yellow Arizona shot glass; raspberry sun-brewed Arizona tea; yellow socks with a coyote, butterflies and cacti; adorable baby pink bear wearing a coyote’s jersey; a gorgeous hematite necklace with pink crystals and a carved heart pendant (which I’m totally in love with btw); a maroon and gold ASU soft baby-t jersey; orange baby-t that says “I Love Suns Basketball” and of course…my precious Scorpie.

I snuggled into my Suns baby-t and thought to myself…this man couldn’t be any more amazing. He expresses himself with sweet words, never shows the heat of a temper, sings to me and asks me to sing to him, listens to my endless chatter intently, exhibits grace over each difference we have, cherishes me as a female, pays attention to every detail and remembers them when it counts, his laughter is contagious and I can feel him next to me at night even though we’ve never shared the warmth of a blanket.

To him…thank you, thank you, thank you for showing me that the man I always wished for really exists! You make my heart smile. <8

Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm sitting here in silence daydreaming out the window. The dark gray clouds are reflected in each raindrop hitting my window pain. Still...


...I can't stop thinking about the warmth of summer and being in your arms.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Don’t leak the secret to Blizzard, but I’ve discovered the cure for an addiction to World of Warcraft! It’s a relatively short detox program called “real life”. I encourage you to try it.

There have been many wonderful people that I’ve met through the game and those friendships I intend to hold onto even past their technological foundations. It is just that sadly the majority of my co-gamers in Azeroth I have found to be jaded, immature, uneducated slobs who substitute a lack of real structure and positive human interaction with pixels upon a screen. They call this gathering of fools “a guild”. These members exhibit no sense of respect for the human race, economy, manners, gender equality or any tolerance for difference. These mindless slaves of Blizzard tote out $15/month so that they can exercise a false sense of authority on others while they pretend that “leading a raid” or being a “class leader” is some type of respectable position in life. I’m sorry to tell them but that experience does not apply when it comes to a resume. They fail to realize that if they spent as much time each day on themselves, their education, a career or maybe even a little personal hygiene as they do on that game each day…they might become “real”.

I’m sure my negativity in this post has the potential to spawn a torrential slough of hate email. I’d even be happy to accommodate those by reading and responding to each one personally, but I’ll have to apologize, I’m too busy living “real life” to bother.

Sorry my lovely little Moonsmile (70 Priestess). I will miss our adventures together. May you rest in digital peace with the rest of the toons whose owners were freed from the matrix.

It is with this post that I bid thee farewell and welcome the sunshine rays of “real life”.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Muscle relaxers and dreams…

...swirling colors of pain.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Boyfriend


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Quack Quack

Sugar-Free Chai Tea Latte, Coffee Cake, European Facial, Tanning Bed, Sushi, Ducks Basketball Game, Karaoke

Somewhere in between all of that…I managed to slip something in my back and now my normal Marilyn Monroe swagger has been reduced to an AARP crawl.


On a positive note: The Ducks won the game against Arizona! We made the PAC-10.

Friday, March 7, 2008


A black suit with hot pink pinstripes, accompanied by a matching ruffled skirt, hot pink undergarments in lace, black thigh high nylons with lace tops held up a matching garter belt, black buckled high heels clicking on marble tiles.

I carry the words that become law.

I am a woman.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I measure our love in miles and minutes.

I heart you Panda!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunshine & Clouds

It has been my trend that when things are going not-so-well in my life I seem to have plenty of material to write about. Lately things have been wonderful and thus my recent posts reflect my happiness. Tonight I sit here, laptop in front of me, typing away as my precious Bandit, editor-in-chief, is cuddled up next to me. Maybe I'm becoming the crazy cat lady, but I think that Bandit enjoys the sound of the clicking keys, the way I curl my toes when I think deeply and my endless humming as I daydream.

I'm back to chilling around at work now that it is interim once again. Things are still somewhat busy and there is cleanup work to do but it seems that things are moving back to slow and simple pace. Not sure how I'm going to keep myself occupied and the surplus of free time has me dazed into daydreams about springtime and snuggles. I'm falling into something and I think for the first time I stand in front of the mirror of reality in total actualization of what is happening to me I can smile.

Even in my happiness though, it almost seems that like clockwork there is that shadow in the corner trying to steal the rays from my sunshine. My phone rang late tonight and destiny told me not to answer it. I've erased that number as well as the person attached to it. I couldn't help but chuckle that in a drunken state it seemed okay in their mind for them to contact me. Wishing to lash out more verbal abuse in a sore attempt to heal their own self-loathing or just proving the fact that the beauty of my love is something that they miss? Not sure. Honestly, I don't really care. Hopefully they will get the hint and forget about me. I pressed "7" on my phone before even listening to the entire message. That should show how much I value them. Leave me alone.

I guess life is interesting like that. Drama comes and goes in the form of jealousy and hurt. I've outgrown those childish games and march proudly to a symphonic harmony of my own laughter.

Sunshine & Clouds...all this is natural. :D