Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Year...

Another year I am...27.

Here is how I spent my first day at my new age:

Adorned myself in a new dress, heels, jewelry and curled my hair to perfection.
Fought traffic on the Marion Street Bridge during the morning commute while delightfully chattering away to my boyfriend and listening to Z100’s morning show’s segment on War of the Roses.

Weeded through the pound of confetti on my desk to begin preparations for the governor’s executive appointments.

Grazed on some delicious pineapple. Nomnomnom.

Was thoroughly embarrassed by two senators who chose to serenade my during lunch to the timeless birthday classic.

Had confetti picked up off my desk and tossed at me all day. I think I still have evidence in my hair.

Talked to my fantastic boyfriend via MSN all day.

Felt displaced about something that I choose not to discuss.

Munched on some more pineapple.

Listen to the senate in session and smiled because I’m not in their shoes.

Drove home…greeted my martini shaker and the rest is history.

1 comment:

Maxie said...

happy belated birthday! I love the music you have on the bottom of your page. I could listen to that playlist all day long.