Thursday, March 12, 2009


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been lazy about writing anything in this blog. I’m also slightly convinced that even if I did that no one would read it. Being negative has been a trend of late.

My hour morning commute to work is getting worse every month. I don’t understand with the unemployment rate being so high, how they are honestly more people on the roads. Since just January I’ve passed by 3 fatal accidents, witnessed 1 minor accident, was almost involved in an accident 4 times and have experienced countless moments of fear from other people driving recklessly or burning tires of road rage. One would think that a simple straight stretch of road would be so easy to drive. Apparently not.

After a trip to the “eyeball doctor” this week I found out that my consistent headaches, itchy eyes and minor blurs in vision are not allergy-related. I’m suffering from a case of severe eye strain due to my continual daily use of the computer. My eyes are so used to living in the nearsighted world that my far sight vision has been grossly affected. A minor prescription for glasses was recommended. :P

Session is going as usual, well, as usual as one can expect considering the state of Oregon’s economic status. When you don’t have money, how can you spend it? Apparently the triple-majority is still finding ways to do so as they are continuing to spend my tax dollars on ridiculous things such as a bill to make “throwing feces, urine or semen at another human” illegal. Do we really need to specify that in a law? I personally, see that as a form of assault without having to define it. Another bill would lift the “pet to work” ban from the recently remodeled Capitol building sponsored in-part by a Senator who is pissed that she can’t bring her hairy dog to work with her anymore. What kind of people do we have in Oregon? Really.

My only glimmer of happiness is that I’ll finally be able to escape to Arizona in July and see my precious boyfriend. He keeps my feet on the ground and my easily annoyed mind at ease. I’m so thankful for him.

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