Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Really Now?

I know I haven't posted anything of substance recently, and this certainly doesn't account for such either, but I need to vent a few things to anyone who has an open minute to read them.

There is a hurricane brewing within my family and soon the full on storm will hit. Each day the winds get stronger and stronger and I don't know if this makeshift shelter I've built for myself will withstand it. I don't make a habit of wishing angry things on people, but for this person, I wish to them exactly what they deserve.

Let me issue a full on consumer warning to everyone: Do not do business with Dish Network. They are still trying to bill me for an account that I didn't sign up for service to a house that has been sitting vacant for over 3 years. Yay, more attorney fees. /sigh

Yay for Friday. Bleh for Friday. I get to "celebrate" a coworker's birthday that totally blew mine off last year. While I don't expect a present, just for her to attend the little lunch we hold, she unexpectantly "forgot to turn off her curling iron" and had to run home during mine. Then she preceeded to question me about what my boyfriend bought me for my birthday when she clearly knows he doesn't do the birthday-thing. I think I'll work really hard at being sick on Friday.

I don't even want to talk about the economy...other than that the fools running this garbage now won't live long enough to feel the brunt of destruction that they have placed in my already burning hands.

Another gem for today...I'm wearing two different socks I've discovered. Yes, both are black, but indeed different.

Can this month get any worse? /tear

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