Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Changes & New has been FOREVER since I've sparked my fingers to the keyboard for a blog post. Thanks to a dear friend for reminding me that I even have a long lost blog awaiting my every command. :P Here goes...another attempt at becoming a regular poster again.

To catch many changes...

1. I'm Engaged! Yes, it happened! It was the Magic Kingdom at that and we are planning a wedding soon as we can figure that out. He still makes the butterflies flutter...after all this time. :)

2. I've lost 70lbs. Melted it off with hard work and determination. I have some more work to do but maintaining what I've done so far is happiness on the scale.

3. I moved! I have my own little casa of my very own and am living peacefully with my editor-in-chief El Bandito. Lonely at times, but nice to have my own kitchen to make a mess in.

4. I'm a Vegetarian! Yup...a hippie chick through-and-through and now internally too!

5. Work is Nuts! What's new there? Well, we don't know who 2 of our senators are yet, the House as a 30/30 split, the Senate Majority leader resigned his leadership position, my boss is retiring Dec 31 with no replacement in near sight and my favorite coworker has gone to bigger and better things. This session looks to be quite interesting.

6. The Celibacy Clock is STILL proudly ticking away! *giggle* Not for too much longer...with a wedding looming in the near future.

7. I have made the most important decision in my entire life thus far and I can't declare it to the world yet. Keeping secrets KILLS me! Soon...I'll let it all out.

8. I've been watching as both of my grandmothers' fight for health. Getting old is a little too real these days.

9. My Dad experienced what we are calling a "wake-up call" by suffering a TIA (mini-stroke) and is making amazing life changes - quitting smoking, diet, exercise and stress management. I'm so proud of him for taking it seriously and even more proud of my Mom for being his rock when I know it is hard for her.

10. I'm happy. I think, even with all these crazy things, that I am the most happy I've ever been in my entire life. Things are finally going in a direction I can be elated about! I randomly burst into song and dance just thinking about my happiness. I'm know, I'm still an incredible dork.

Brief I know, but that's a quick catch-up on the life of Me! :) I'll be here more and more since big things are about to unfold in my life. Excitement abound!

Here's to a new chapter...

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