Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet La Familia

Yesterday I tested my limits…

Daredevils, stuntmen, defense attorneys have nothing on me. Shaking in my boots and putting on the prettiest smile I could conjure, I met the family without the buffer of my true love beside me. Being that mi amor is of a Hispanic background, “meet the parents” always turns into meet the tios (uncle/aunt) and so-on. This was an epic first meeting.

I wasn’t so much afraid as I was worried. After all, I was in my element. Here in Oregon, at my place of employment on a beautiful and sunny Oregon day. The environment already gives me the winning edge over the dusty and burning hot Arizona they are used to. I felt my nerves wiggling around and my knees buckling as I walked down the marble stairs to where I saw his family waiting. Almost, for a minute, I wondered if Cinderella felt this way as she entered the ball for the first time. Standing before his padres (parents) and 2 sets of tios/tias (uncles/aunts) I was…open for examination and a full scale sizing-up. Afterall, who is this girl who has kept their son/nephew on the phone for hours over the past year. I couldn’t help but wonder whether I would make a good showing or not. I've never put on false airs and this was not the time to start.

His family is amazing I must say. His madre and tias are beautiful women whose beauty laughs at time and his padre and tios are dashing latin gentlemen. Each of them with their heartwarming smiles and friendly eyes, I sincerely enjoyed meeting them even considering the unusual circumstances.

What did they think of me? I’m not certain but if I had to gauge on the conversation, smiles and laughter exchanged I would say that I can see a good relationship forming. I hope to earn their approval. They hold my utmost respect for raising such an amazing man that I hold dear to my heart. It is not hard for me to adore them instantly. I just hope that they can see the unconditional and solid love I have for their precious son/nephew. I look forward to spending more time getting to know them in October.

Can you believe I was even nervous? I must have balls of steel.

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