Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There are just those days when you wish you were the boss, just so you could flat out fire someone.

Can you imagine working part-time Wednesday-Friday, changing your schedule to Monday-Wednesday (without the boss's approval or knowledge) and then when Wednesday finally comes you go home (more like lie your face off) “sick” so you can have a 6.5 day weekend to work in your yard and drink wine coolers? Seriously.

All this occurred just because the boss is out-of-state. How flipping cute!

Next time she wants me to help her look good (because she literally does nothing at work and when she does she passes it off to me) I’m going to let her fall flat on her whiny little face. What is even worse is that I could handle my job and hers...why not just pay me her double-what-mine-is salary and send her back to classifieds. Ugh. I'm disgusted.

Adios lazy. Go home and stay there!

PS: I'll take your parking spot too bitch. :D

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