Friday, August 8, 2008


My profound 100th post...riiiight...*giggle* :D

Today is a special day for mi amor and I. It is the day we have chosen to celebrate our love, since the "8" is important to us. Tipped over it means eternity. <8> Eternal like how our two hearts are entwined in love. In that I say; Happy 888 to you my handsome panda! :D

Things have been busy, sleepy, stressful, fun and happy. I've had too many emotions in the last week to even start to describe the reasons why. All I know is that I'm loving my life and all the chaos. I know, I must be crazy indeed.

I'll be going to Arizona in October. My plane ticket is booked and I can hardly wait for the leaves to start falling here. Just to be back in his arms again...oh my. It will be an amazing trip.

A few new online toys have stumbled my way as well...a new online community hosted by yours truely and the love of her life and also...look for me sharing a new collaborative blog with two very talented and amazing women. It should be an interesting time on the WWW.

Three Women who Blog
Pandemonium (A Gathering of Friends)

****Added 3:35 PM ****

I am astonished that he chose me, out of everyone in the world, to love! Flowers on my desk, panda in my arms and tears melting my makeup! I love you Panda! Happy Anniversary!

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