Friday, August 29, 2008


The office is empty and there are still two men present in my compound laying carpet squares that resemble Triskets.

I have hijacked a computer in the senate chamber so that I can scrawl this cryptic message to anyone out there that can come to my aid.

I'm illegally drinking my daily ration of V8 in this legislative parlor and soon my cohorts will arrive with much needed supplies in the form of a toasted onion bagel. I hold out alone until they return.

We are but three lone soldiers awaiting the arrival of our commander and yet an hour has passed since the beginning and no sign of her on the horizon. We cannot proceed with an evacuation until she prompts us with the order.

The toxic fumes of carpet glue permeate the air, making breathing difficult, and unless orders are received soon I feel that all hope may be lost.


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