Monday, December 3, 2007

Anonymous Celebrity

Celibacy. It seems to be glowing in brilliant amber-colored lights on the billboard of my life.

I received a simple phone call this morning from a friend in radio. (Yes, you know who you are.) As my friend, and reader of my blog, he posed the innocent proposition of taking my story live on his afternoon radio show. While I insist that my situation is nothing less than that of a mid-twenty-something female in the world who is just tired of dealing with a slough of men that are the epitome of a personality like Family Guy’s “Quagmire”, I have given him permission to use my story but not to publicize my name or blog.

It is not my individual pursuit but the topic itself that will be the focus of conversation. I hope. My radio personality friend prepared me that there will more than likely be listeners calling in with the regular “it’s because she’s never had a real man like me” comments. I’ve already dealt with those skeptical pigs and am taking this blessed opportunity to declare that it is men like that who make keeping this vow that much easier. My friend has assured me that he would convey that same message. For that, after all, is the fuel behind this burning fire.

Supporters or antagonists there will be in my mission. I guess tomorrow I’ll find out where the city of Eugene stands on the issue. After that, maybe the world?

The only one that it really matters to though is me, and that unknown, my love.

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