Thursday, December 6, 2007

Invasion of Privacy

Imagine that you are having one of those luxuriously sensual “Herbal Essence” moments. Encased in your shower, you are surrounded in a warm mist blazing the aroma of exotic fruit and floral petals. You run your fingers through your wet hair and as you do you slightly open one eye…

A demonic gremlin of the arachnid social order has invaded your most private of sanctuaries.

Yes, this was my morning.

I screamed in fright and as I attempted to flee from the eight-legged menace, I slipped in the shower. My ninja-like reflexes caused me to take the impact on my elbow rather than my naked derrière. It was blow that will more than likely result in a massive bruise to serve as my medal of honor for exhibiting such bravery in the shower.

When I realized that the invader had me cornered I grabbed my epic bottle of shampoo and flung the culprit into the great unknown. Powee Sucka!

I'm too scared to go in that bathroom now.

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1000 Days of Celibacy said...

Hey Girl, just wanted to say thanks for the comment. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Actually, how flippin cold is it up there???

PS: The pic of ur cat ROX!!!!