Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lighting in my Nerves

Today my nerves are like sparks of lighting streaking across the sky; random, brilliant and destructive. I’m nervous and each pinpoint of energy brings me closer to imploding into nonexistence.

Everyday, all day in February, yours truly will be addressing the Oregon State Senate in my full, prominent, and rather “girly” voice. Each time I speak the cameras of the Oregon Channel, local media and the eyes of Oregon will be on me. I shudder to think of it. Get me another bottle of valium and a dirty top-shelf martini please. Make it a double.

Mix those nerves with wild and tangled feelings of the heart and you’ve got one psychologically inept woman.

In regards to my heart and for those who keep asking, my answer is “Yes, and he’s beyond amazing”. For those who don’t know the question please disregard the answer.

I’m going to go get a refill on my valium now. Have a nice night.

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