Friday, February 15, 2008

Flash of Comedy

Some things in this world are just made for comedy and I think I've discovered the greatest one of those...myself.

Last night I rushed into the bathroom to go pee (yeah, like usual) and in the process of ripping down my pants I forgot that my flash drive was stuck in my pocket. In my rush for urgency the flash drive flipped out of my pocket and plummeted into the toilet bowl. Still having to pee I fished the little bugger out (yeah, thrilling) and ran it under the sink hoping that whatever grossness in the toilet bowl had not ruined my flash drive of mental sanity. I dried it the best I could and left it wrapped in a small washcloth in my room to dry. Then I proudly marched back into the restroom and reveled in the enjoyment of emptying my bladder.

When I arrived home last night I jacked a Diet 7up from the stash in the refrigerator and danced up the stairs in an attempt to be optimistic that my precious flash drive would still be in operable order. Fingers trembling in anticipation, like a boy about to get to second base for the first time, I fired up my Dell and plucked in the flash drive. Waiting for the green light, finger on the mouse, the engine roars...the light turns green. It's alive!

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