Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Job Description

In lieu of Valentine’s Day...

* * * *

Position: My “Urban Renaissance Man”

Reports to: Himself, his creator, his family and to me.

Job Requirements: Honest, respectful, educated, playful, strong-value-system, family-oriented, self-starting, responsible, traditional, accomplished, hard-worker, humorous, classy, physically active man; age 23-35. Available for a long-term and potentially serious relationship. No current children and not devastated if relationship does not evolve to the status of parenthood. No racial extremists, felons, atheists, vampires or non-US Citizens need apply.

Desired Skills (Not required): Possess musical ability or an appreciation for, not allergic to cats or dogs, love for ethnic foods and travel.


  • Treating me like someone loved and cherished. This includes, but is not limited to, talking every day, being chivalrous (opening doors, escorting by arm when I’m in heels, etc.), romance (sweet talk, compliments, planning outings, flowers, surprises) and mutual respect (knowing his place as a man and taking the initiative to operate in that capacity).
  • Working out any disagreements, rather than clamming up or disappearing.
  • Willing to share his culture with me and experience mine in return.
  • Being loyal and not seeking other women.
  • Being a passionate and giving lover who also openly receives. Great kissing required.
  • Giving grace if I do something he initially interprets as negative. Discussing the issue, gaining details and resolving it in an adult manner without assumptions.
  • Sharing feelings about life and our relationship on a regular basis.
  • Working to continually improve himself and his environment.
  • Living his life with personal integrity, including but not limited to, doing what he says he will, calling when he promises, doing what’s right and not just necessarily what’s easy.
  • Having the courage to bring up difficult topics, and engaging maturely when I do the same.
  • Not be afraid to ask questions when the topic is not fully understood.
  • Being financially mature and responsible.
  • Hardworking and takes pride in his career. Always looking to better himself with educational opportunities.
  • Consciously taking care of his body so he is healthy and active.
  • Laughing at my pathetic attempts to be funny.
  • Understand my riddles, neurotic behavior, spontaneous talk and moments of insecurity. Able to comfort and make me laugh when I experience these episodes.
  • Socializing willingly and pleasantly in groups or with friends, both his and hers.
  • Planning outings like dancing, films, sporting events, dinners out, theater, parties, concerts, and other activities both enjoy.
  • Take pride in his home, furnishings and yard by showing a clear understanding of value and continuing a conscious effort to maintain that value.
  • Participating in physical activities together (biking, hiking, walking, dancing) or alone (working out, running, golf, other sports). Regular physical activity a must.

Benefits: Includes lots of kissing, caressing, cuddling, passion, understanding, respect, kindness, fun activities, home-cooked meals, laughter, spotlessly-clean home, support of your endeavors, dedicated woman to serve as the other half in a traditional relationship, positive attitude and feedback.

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FlawedNotBroken said...

Is there such a man out there? Cuz damn. That would rock.