Monday, April 7, 2008

Mine, Mine, Mine...Monday

Monday's annoyances erupt and it appears that I need an attitude adjustment. I'll fine tune my knobs with a warm cup of caffeine-free blueberry tea, dramatically complain about my own selfish problems for a while, steal something from a friend on Packrat ( and maybe then I'll feel better.

I have a beautiful home on the southern Oregon coast. It is sincerely my pride and joy as I purchased it at only 20 years of age and have managed to pay it off recently. You always remember the first time you look at a debt attached to your name over $10,000 and feel nauseous. Since moving over 200 miles away from my little paradise with an ocean view, I have been making many repairs and improvements to the home in an attempt to maintain and extend the current value. That is my annoyance...

This is MY house. Yes, mine. I am very selfish.

While I appreciate the fact that many of my friends would want to visit the beautiful Oregon coast and support it's ever failing economy by frequenting the fisherman on the docks for fresh seafood and dying pubs for a frosty brew, they are also more than encouraged to support local business by getting a hotel or paying for a campsite.

Show me some respect. My house has/will never be your "free" hotel. It is not a place for you to party. It is not your romantic getaway. It is not your campsite. It is not a place to park your fishing boat. Maybe you notice the trend here and will pick up on the idea house is NOT yours. Don't invite yourself and don't ask me. If I want you there I'll invite you. If I happen to invite you then consider it an honor and exercise manners by offering a gracious thank you.

Simple as that. Don't annoy me again.

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