Monday, April 21, 2008


Life is a giant “Auntie Em it’s a twister!” whirlwind right now. I’m exhausted between balancing my full time job, daily workouts, healthy food (aka: cardboard disguised as food), college classes, personal-emotional stress (no I’m not talking about it), my family, friends and of course my amazing boyfriend. I find myself falling asleep with the cell phone still connected and a sweet voice whispering into my headset "Goodnight mi amor". Reality and dreamland seem to have become one as I float between them in a haze of unconsciousness.

I finally have an outlet for my creative side. Twice a week now I throw forth an array of productivity in pixels and movement. I will be making a site to display this creativity but I’m uncertain whether or not I’ll share it here. I fear theft of my intellectual property in such an outlet. Sorry readers, but I’ll be frank; I don’t trust you. It’s just like that.

My daydreams have become endless amusements and are always set in summer, June to be specific, when I can finally share a first kiss with the man who owns my heart. Summer breezes blow around us and the smell of honey and flowers engage our senses. Nothing to hold back, nothing but our moment…love.

My friends, if you are looking for me during the next few months, you can find me daydreaming away behind a Oregon state computer screen, hidden behind a Canon lens, prancing around in pink satin ballet shoes, running a make-believe marathon on my treadmill or laying around lazily in the green grass with a huge smile on my face pretending that it’s June.

See you when I wake up...right now...I'm going to let this little tornado called life sweep me away.

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