Thursday, May 29, 2008


If you would have asked me what life would be like a year and a half ago I might have nonchalantly laughed my nervous laugh at you, gazed at the shambled ruin that was left of my soul and simply cried.

Things have changed. Significantly! It appears that the blades drawn against me have disintegrated and the path to happiness is finally clear. There is nothing keeping me from running down this path and reaching the beauty at the end. It is a most beautiful feeling.

While other pressures have been lifted from my shoulders it appears that the most beautiful thing has happened to me. Finally love has found me! Not the kind that you giggle about or pretend is real…this is beyond genuine love. I can’t explain the feeling that is in my heart every moment of every hour. It is a twitter of a butterfly wing, a blink of an eyelash, the glow from the sun off a dewdrop…it has me flabbergasted.

I have 21 days left before I can snuggle into his arms and feel the magic of his love. Until then, I’ll snuggle into his precious gift, my new panda hoodie, and imagine the fleece is his warmth. I love him.

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