Saturday, October 4, 2008


I had every intention of writing here before this date. I meant well, honest I did. I also didn't mean to eat some bad sushi and almost die from it either. Well, almost die is an exaggeration of sorts, but it felt like that. Oh well right?

Recovering from food poisoning took me; 8 bottles of gatorade, 3 bottles of pedialyte, 2 cans of chicken noodle soup, 1 bottle of peptol bismol, 4 tabs of immonium and 4 days. After all of that I've walked away with dark circles under my eyes, 19 lbs lighter, fluffy hair, pasty skin and less sick time on my next payroll check. Another...oh well right?

You know that look your room has after being sick for a few days...the smell, not the stink, but just the smell of almost death? Yeah, I had that. Today I mustered all the energy I had and straigthened it up. Fresh vanilla cotton sheets on my bed to snuggle into. The almost white carpet fluffy from just being vacummned. Every deadly dust particle swept up by my swiffer. The open window brought the fresh fall air whispering into my room. It feels like someone is alive in there once again.

My bubble bath steamed with the fresh scent of watermelon as I crawled into it. My face was green from the avocado-oatmeal mask I put on just minutes before and my teeth painted with my plastic whitening strip. My baby fresh shaving cream letting the razor float across my legs. Bubbles of shampoo...glorious, heavenly, orgasmic bubbles of be clean again!!!

I'm healthy now. Clean. Recovered.

Watch out world. *grin*

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