Friday, October 31, 2008

Arizona Memories

Instant smiles upon sight.

Sweet, sweet kisses.

Driving around with broken air-conditioning in 90 degrees.

Tasting the best tamales I’ve ever had.

Sharing strawberry ice cream outside in late October under holiday lights and serenaded by fountains.

Exploring places of the past under cliffs of red rock.

Snuggling shutterbugs while touring the land in a bright pink Jeep.

Holding hands.

Dining on rattlesnake, cactus, buffalo, venison and hot chilies while giggling at the other’s first taste of something new and daring.

Staying up late snuggling in front of the television.

Pouncing on and kissing him awake in the morning.

Learning to eat (like a Mexican) eggs and chorizo with nothing but a tortilla.

Hour long traffic jam and a detour towards Mexico.

Walking in the footsteps of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.

Giggles & Kisses.

Sharing chipotle pasta and feeding each other chocolate cheesecake.

Listening to childhood stories from el padres.

Strolling the fair hand-in-hand.

Deep fried everything and margaritas.

Playing the midway games and giggling at my lack of ability to throw a baseball.

Getting personally dissed by Coolio.

Jumping out of our chairs and dancing to songs

Kissing at the top of the grand ferriswheel.

Singing to him in the car to anything that came on the radio.

Shopping with “deseester”.

Sharing a pizza in a rainforest.

Cheering on the Oregon Ducks to a complete slaughter…I mean…victory.

Making faces at “deseester” as we sit together one adorned in ASU gear and the other in UO.

Watching anime until we fall asleep.

Spending quality time with his family.

Being the only one at the table eating Chinese food with chopsticks.

Holding each other under a sunbeam.

Exploring the mall and finding a Hello Kitty wonderland.

Hugging a cactus.

Parading hand-in-hand in the building in which law is made.

Sitting next to John Lennon’s jacket, humming rock classics while eating a sammich.

Not wanting to look at the time knowing that it is running out.

Tears, kisses & a sad goodbye.

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