Thursday, October 25, 2007

Prison of Ice

It’s staring at me, tracing the contours of my back while it plans its attack. Demonic scarecrow…

Crystalline frost glistened from the neighborhood Halloween decorations as I crunched my way across the frozen grass in my front yard. A symphony of car engines and ice scrappers spiraled into the blue and gold sunrise. Surreal sounds of a late autumn morning haunt me.

Here I am, lost in this prison cell for a year with only my memories echoing like a decade to keep me company. The nail marks on the walls where I’ve struggled for freedom appear shadowed and forgotten. Cobwebs linger between the bars that I so painstakingly reached though when this all was new and I was naïve. My spirit to escape has grown cold and listless. I can’t help but wonder if the locked door I’m staring at will ever open up and welcome me.

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