Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Unheard Goodbye

There are so many unspoken words I have muffled inside of my heart. I thought that maybe I was healed enough to begin expressing them freely and yet I sit here staring at another empty document with the blinking cursor taunting my every attempt. Fear locks my fingers down and makes them unable to compose the words I want to say. These words I still need to say to you even though I know that you’ll never read them. I wish I could say my peace and tell you exactly what was in my heart. I’m unable to do so as you have left my heart in blackened ashes. That is all that is left from the inferno you started burning when you set our friendship on fire. I want to say I can walk away from you and never wonder. I’ll never stop wondering but I know I am strong enough to walk away. One foot in front of the other I promise you that I won’t look back as all I can offer you now is an unheard goodbye…I’m letting you go.

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