Sunday, November 18, 2007


Torture begins.

My eardrums tingle in anticipation of the pure pain I will experience with each off-key rendition of "O Christmas Tree". The agony of ravaging adults and children tearing apart aisles after some pathetic "toy-of-the-season" manufactured with toxic materials and exported from China. Meaningless Christmas greetings sent by people I only talk to once a year via these recycled cardboard wastes of postage. The bell ringers, please make them stop. I’m surrounded by sweets and more fattening savory bits of goodness putting mass on my thighs just by looking their very direction. Television plagued with specials and previews for yet again another Tim Allen travesty. Then the worst, a smelly balding man with a pure lack of fashion sense and a obvious problem with obesity gets to take credit for gifts that I, not him, so painstakingly braved shopping malls and traffic to purchase.

Call me the Grinch, Scrooge or sacrilegious but I loathe Christmas.

Note to Self: Find country that does not celebrate it and vacation there conveniently for the entire month of December.

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