Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Delicate Secret

The shimmer of ice, brightness of my eyes and the sparkles that dance off the Willamette River when kissed by the light of the sun; I have captured thee. Hidden in that dark part of my soul and only taken out when I am surrounded by the cavern of solitude. It’s all held in a petite globe of luminescence that I delicately hold in my small hands. It’s my secret.

The tattered tapestry of confusion I keep wrapped around me is a fallacy of my own protection. I pull a dark shade over my face so you can’t read my eyes. I speak in riddles so that my words dance around their meaning. I take a bold color and turn it pastel before your very psyche.

I’m hiding. I do all of this so that I can continue to conceal my true feelings from the one they should matter to most. The enchantment surrounding my delicate secret is in a constant skirmish to be free.

The demon of insecurity taunts me that once the globe has been broken I’ll be alone in the dark holding a broken shell. Uncertainty clouds each soft step I take in the direction of the spotlight you shine on me and yet I am continuing to walk forward.

I want to tell you my secret.

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