Friday, November 23, 2007


My ears are numb. Numb to the words but not to the harsh volume. I don't need to know what they say as each syllable is painstakingly stuck in my head forever. I can handle the yelling but painful tears well as I know what comes next. My bruises are still fresh from last time. Please don't do this again. Please.

My wrists look tiny in your hands. That's all I can think as the pressure from your fingertips absorbs into my skin. I can't even feel the tears streaming down my face. The pain I should feel is withholding itself for when the floor meets my body. Each bone shattering time I'm prepared for it and yet it still takes the breath from my lungs. I muster all that is left and scream.

Let me go. I want to leave. Please.

Pinned merciless to the floor by the weight of your body I'll never forget how cold the steel felt against my temple. That's all I can remember. Just the cold. My emotions died at that very moment. I wouldn’t even notice if you pulled the trigger.

I lay there chaotic until you grew tired of this game you play. You leave me laying there frozen on the floor like a forgotten toy. Too scared to move, breathe or cry.

I’ve blocked from my memory these experiences only until they are released in a harsh nightmare. I wake up feeling like I've drown.

Horrible memories please leave me.

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