Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fog of Frustration

It seems lately that my life has been filled with little annoyances. While normally these little things would burn off during my day like the morning fog in a sunshine smile, they seem to only be compounding into a seriously bad attitude.

Somewhere in between chipping away a layer of ice off my windshield so I can drive an hour commute each morning to endlessly analyzing conversations held under the stars, there is that little place in my mind that can separate the clarity from the fog of frustration. Somehow and somewhere I’ve lost my map to that location and my peace of mind.

Certain things I wish would stop. Some are trying to improve. Others have me too confused to make a step towards them. Another has me scared. All completed unrelated to each other and yet each is contributing to this jambalaya of feelings burning on the stove of my annoyance, frustration and anger.

I hope resolution visits before the snow does…

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