Monday, November 5, 2007

Minor Grievance

I should repent. I should feel remorse. Revenge is deliciously sweet and its sugary temptation has made me sin again. Forgive my immaturity.

While I ask openly for forgiveness I do not feel sorry even though I know that I should. Justice is best served on a plate of cold, hard revenge. Unfortunately, simple words like vengeance and retaliation echo into the same terms and immaturity and degradation.

There are three things that I refuse to tolerate or forgive; lying, cheating or stealing. Committing one of these kills our friendship, committing more than one kills you. You are indeed, dead in my eyes now.

I have a bountiful amount of friends who adore me. I simply have no use for one who degrades, disrespects, lies, cheats, insults and hurts me. I don’t need your friendship, too bad you are the one who blindly needs mine.

I’m done defending your actions, listening to your disgusting sarcasm and trying to convince myself that I am adult enough to be friends with someone as fetid as you.

Sorry about unleashing that deep of a revenge. It’s just that frankly, using your verbiage, it’s a “minor grievance” compared to the discomfort you’ve put me through trying to be your friend.

That all being said. I think…”Amen” settles it.

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